Our recent trip to Arrowe Park Hospital.



Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th May saw our team attend the Health & Wellbeing events hosted by Wirral Hospitals to promote healthy living at both sites for the Trust.  We were asked by the Trust to donate a prize for a draw to be held at each site ands this time we gave away 2 “Nutribullets” which are the best smoothie makers, to again encourage health eating to the staff.


To enter the draw the staff were asked to pledge to themselves a promise to make their lifestyles healthier.  This could be drinking less alcohol during the week, to eat at least 1 portion of fruit a day or to walk/cycle to walk a couple of times a week.  The Health & Wellbeing team asked staff to pledge a promise of something they didn’t already do!!

We had lots of visitors to our stand and this gave us the opportunity to promote our scheme to them also.  Staff were really pleased to learn we are going to be providing this scheme to them and the discounts that will be available!!  Thousands of the HSB discount cards were distributed as well as information leaflets and Kath & Angie in HR promised to promote our scheme as much as possible and we have already been invited back to both Arrow Park and Clatterbridge to do promotions of local businesses once they have signed to our scheme.


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